Okinawan Seidokan Karate and Kobudo


Welcome to the official website of the Torii Dojo, a martial arts training facility that teaches students classical Okinawan martial arts with modern life-protection applications.

The Torii Dojo offers well-rounded martial arts training that focuses on:

      • karate jutsu - the art of empty hand technqiues comprised of
        • kyusho jutsu - the art of vital point manipulations
        • tuidi jutsu - the art of joint locking and grappling
      • kobu jutsu - "old way" weapons including bo, tunfa, sai, techu, nunchaku and others
      • modern weapons - pistol, knife, baton

The Torii Dojo offers students in the Derry and Blairsville areas of Westmoreland and Indiana County, PA a unique experience to practice karate with instructors who have studied in Okinawa and who emphasize the practical life-protection aspects of martial arts (as opposed to sport training). The training incorporates real-life principles from military and law enforcement combat science.

Individuals interested in learning life-protection for themselves and family members may also be interested in private lessons or the Life Protection Course. These opportunities are ideal for individuals who's schedules do not align with the normal class times. If you have a martial arts school you can also host a seminar for you and your students. Please contact or stop by during dojo hours for more information.

The Torii Dojo is affiliated with the Okinawa Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei, the Ryukoku Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei, the International Karate Kobudo Federation, Yamabushi Kai Aikijujutsu, and Dragon Society International.


Note: All videos on this site are intended as references for Torii Dojo students or students of other Seidokan schools. The videos are not intended to be instructional materials nor should anyone attempt any of the techniques featured in the videos without the supervision of a certified Seidokan instructor.





September 17 - Annual U.S. Kenshikai Gasshuku in Kearny, NJ (no Saturday class as a result)

August 12 to 14 - Annual Seidokan weekend seminar in Wilmington, N.C. click here for more details (no Saturday class as a result)

August 4 - Sensei Kohler was promoted to Nanadan (7th degree black belt) on his most recent trip to Okinawa

July 26 to Aug 6 - Summer break no classes

July 8 - Congratulations to Sensei Duga who celebrated 50 years in martial arts!


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